there’s a language besides English?

I’ve managed to get all my courses for the spring semester online, which means I won’t have to see more than one or two 18-22 year olds during the course of my day. I’m not saying being a very young adult is a bad thing, I’m just saying I don’t want to see one happening in a seat next to mine.

So I logged on to my school email system to make sure it works, and it does. As I took in the gestalt of the web page, I noticed that there was a tab in the corner, next to the “Account Options” tab, called “Languages…”. That’s nice, I thought, even down here in paleo-America, they have become sensitive enough to understand that some students might be more comfortable perusing their website in a language other than English. What other languages might they have configured the page in, I thought…. Spanish? That would be obvious. French? A nod to the cajuns. Cantonese? Possibly, for the odd student who filled in his visa incorrectly and was swept along by events greater than he could comprehend.

I clicked on “Languages…”. The choice was between “English” and a blank space.

Of course.

It’s ingrained in me to assume the worst of an institution. That way, when that institution rises above the worst to achieve adequacy (or at least benign incompetence), I’m pleasantly surprised. I failed myself here.

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