Welcome back to the eighties. We’ve missed you.

There’s a possibility I wouldn’t like these guys if I knew more about them, so I refuse to know anything more.

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  1. Terry says:

    The number of things that please me about this video slightly outweighs the number of things that disturb me:

    + the fantasy is that some guys who happened to be driving around with their instruments in their trunks converged on a friend’s uncle’s backyard and decided it was time to jam on a nice Heads song.
    + the accordion player
    + the cellist
    + the accordion player and the cellist missed the cuffed blue jeans memo
    + it is about to rain heavily, but hasn’t yet
    + the dilapidated pile of what could’ve been fireplace logs once upon a time

    – that moustache
    – those cuffed blue jeans
    – the professional photographers in the background squatting and craning
    – the drummer/singer/ultimate frisbee player reminds me of an asshole I used to know or dreamed about once. The fuck outta here with the chinese pictograph tattoo on your forearm

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